Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a session take?

Normal session time is 30-45 minutes for horses, 30-60 minutes for humans & small animals depending on how many areas are worked.‚Äč

Can PEMF be done at a show or event?

Absolutely! Any individual or animal  can be work immediately after a session. PEMF helps people and animals to loosen up and relax at an event, reduces pain & stiffness and helps recovery times.

When will the results of the PEMF session be seen or felt?

Results are usually immediate.  As the blood is oxygenated and circulation is increased, improvement will continue for up to 72 hours after a whole body PEMF session.

Is PEMF the same as Dr. Ho's?

NO. Absolutely not. A Dr. Ho's is a type of Tens machine that electrically stimulates muscles and nerves in the body. PEMF will only work on the body if the body needs the energy.

Dr. Oz on PEMF Therapy