Get the Power of the Pulse​

PEMF (Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field) therapy is a safe, non-invasive and effective, DRUG FREE alternative therapy. Total Recharge Pulse Therapy is thrilled to offer this cutting edge therapy to recharge and rejuvenate cells.

The PEMF device sends a pulsing electromagnetic field through the coil, deep into the body. As the electromagnetic field pulses, the cell membrane is gently pulled. On the off phase of the pulse, the cell membrane is relaxed. As the cells expand and relax, the cell membrane becomes more permeable; therefore, are better able to release waste, toxins and inflammation. In return, the cells receive oxygen and nutrients. This receiving of oxygen and releasing of waste is what increases the natural charge of the cell. As the cell reaches it’s natural charge, the message of pain to the brain is reduced and the cells return to optimal health. PEMF therapy can be performed quickly and effectively on people and animals - almost everyone with a pulse!


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Edmonton, AB

ENERGIZE the natural healing power hidden within each and every cell of your body

Cells, just like batteries, hold an electrical charge. When that charge diminishes, the cells cannot perform at the optimal level to carry out their function, leading to a slew of related problems including disease​, c​hronic illness, and pain. PEMF delivers energy to each cell so those cells can function at full capacity.

What is PEMF?

PEMF for Pets